Clifton Nurseries

Hidden in the heart of Maida Vale, down a small cobblestone alley, the Clifton Nurseries are a true gem for flower and garden lovers. Boasting a very wide panel of plants and flowers, as well as garden furniture and landscape design services, this place  offers a haven of peace for weekend strollers. One of its glass verandas hosts a lovely little café – complete with lemon trees and many gorgeous plants – making it the perfect brunch spot, if you manage to get a table! Personally, each time I happen to be in the neighbourhood, I never miss the chance to visit the Nurseries. They are so full of charm, it’s a pleasure to stop by, even if only for five minutes.

Clifton Nurseries - Brunch

Clifton Nurseries - Geraniums

Clifton Nurseries - Flower arrangements & violets

Clifton Nurseries - Peonies

Clifton Nurseries - orchids & other plants

Clifton Nurseries - hydrangeas

Clifton Nurseries - lilac


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