September Wedding – Clémentine & Louis

Back in early September I shot a wonderful wedding near Paris. The bride’s family country house was chosen as the wedding location and a beautiful white tent was dressed in the garden to host the dinner and the party. The overall colour theme was white which I thought worked perfectly: from the dinner setup and decorations, through to the cortege girls’ pretty dresses and the bride’s white hydrangeas bouquet, every detail was carefully thought and executed. A special mention to the bride’s dress by Laure de Sagazan which was an absolute delight of elegance, freshness and femininity.

The Dress & Shoes

Make Up

Furniture details

Cortege Girls

Bonheur - the dress

Putting earrling on

Earring and rings

Girl from the cortege

Portraits of the bride

Inside the church

Exchanging rings


In the church

Kiss the bride


Kissing the bride


Car & buffet

Around the tree - bouquet

In the garden

The wedding tent

Dinner set up

Dinner details


One response

  1. très belles photos. félicitations au couple magnifique.

    October 26, 2013 at 11:41 pm

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