Hoxton Flat

A few months back I photographed the apartment of my friends David & Florence in Hoxton. With a great ceiling height and the two front windows giving a lot of light, the place feels really bright and airy. The key colour theme of green lime against white gives it a very punchy edge, while the massive oak dining table and and the leather club sofa keep the atmosphere welcoming and warm. What also makes the apartment a fun and cool place are all the quirky details found and treasured by my friends, such as the yellow mushroom sculpture, the bull’s trophy head, or the turtle stool in the bedroom.

Dining table & leather sofa - Hoxton

Dining table with lilac - Hoxton

Green theme - - Hoxton

White Kitchen - Hoxton

Bull head - Hoxton

Bathroom & Bedroom - Hoxton

White bedroom - Hoxton

Details - Hoxton Flat


Nut & basil chicken with rice

Here is a second dish from last week’s photo session with AnneSO: a very tasty version of a diced chicken with rice. For the recipe you will need to check out Fashion Cooking’s website, but I can say that it was very quick and easy to prepare! In two words, a perfect meal option if you’re running out of ideas to prepare chicken. Nut & basil chicken with rice 1

Chicken & rice 2 and 3

Nut & basil chicken with rice 4

Nut & basil chicken with rice 5

Stylist: Anne-Sophie Rischard – Fashion Cooking

Photographer: Astrid Templier –

Winter Treats

With winter drawing in, cold weather and shorter days, I find that nothing feels more appealing than indulging in sugary treats. Especially when they are prepared by Fashion Cooking‘s lovely Anne-Sophie. Pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate cake with mirror-like glaze and multi-layered carrot cake are among my favourites.

Luckily, some of these recipes will soon be available in a book gathering Fashion Cooking‘s best hits. I was fortunate enough to contribute by shooting all portraits of Anne-Sophie and most of the food photos – I am really looking forward to see the end result! The book will come out in France early 2013, so there is not much longer to wait now. Keep your eyes peeled for the release!


Chocolate cake

Carrot cake

Stylist: Anne-Sophie Rischard – Fashion Cooking

Photographer: Astrid Templier – Lovely Jubbly Photography

Moroccan Back Country

As part of my trip to Fez, I also took a few days to discover the back country around this great city. Meknès, one of the four “imperial cities” of Morocco, is definitely worth a visit. Surrounded by three belts of walls, these fortifications are the longest in the kingdom. Their great protective  stance is only broken through by a handful of beautifully adorned doors, opening a majestical way towards the inner city.

A few miles away, the region also boasts an impressive archeological site of Roman ruins called Volubilis. The exceptional state of the excavated walls,  house foundations, arches and mosaics is utterly stunning. Perhaps even more impressive are the claims by archeologists that about 60% of the ruins still remain to be found and restored.

About an hour and a half away from Meknès stand the Middle Atlas mountains. Hidden in the forest is a lovely village named Ifrane, which serves as a ski station in the winter. A really great halt for those seeking peace and freshness, Ifrane is set close to an amazing natural reserve with many hiking paths. At the end of my trip, I visited an eco-friendly farm down in the valley, whose owners produce excellent goat cheese, as well as olive oil and honey. A truly great place to stop by and enjoy a nice meal of cheese, bread and other local products!

Moroccan Art de Vivre

Morocco is an amazing country with no less amazing art de vivre: the richness of the architecture, the skillful craftsmanship of the many indoors and outdoors ornaments, the refinement of the interiors, decoration and objects are the mark of a highly sophisticated culture and civilisation. The mauresque and Andalusian influences repeatedly show through monuments, such as the University of Al Karaouine, or palaces-turned-hotels for instance, making for a sense of majesty and simplicity at the same time.

The Medina of Fez

As part of my September trip to Fez, I got to wander a lot in the city’s Medina. According to many, and to the Moroccans themselves, Fez is considered as the most authentic city of the kingdom: this doesn’t mean that there are no tourists – because they are present as anywhere else worth visiting – but it seems that Fez, unlike many other cities, is not trying too hard to flaunt its beauties. Its treasures are well hidden, and one will have to search behing closed doors to discover them. This may be achieved by  looking into a few riads, those lovely small palaces built around indoors fountains and gardens, or by casting an eye in one of the small yet richly adorned mosques of the Medina. The colourful markets scattered across the crooked streets and paths are another jewel themselves. Fez definitely is a great place for anyone looking for an exotic change of scenery, and it makes for a very picturesque  destination.

Columbia Flower Market

Last week on Columbia Road, the sun was shining so brightly, it was the perfect Sunday for a wander through the flower market… and a roast at the Royal Oak! While waiting for my friends, I managed to catch a few snaps through the window on the first floor. I really had a great view over the market there. There was so much to look at: sunflowers, daffodils, hydrangeas, roses, hyacinths, so many people too! My favourite: a little boy perched on top of his fathers’ shoulders (the last one of this post!)

Feminine, Fresh & So Cute!

…Is how I would describe this new fashion Label:  I am talking of L’ATELIER de Camille “bien sûr”, a lovely new brand that just launched its first collection last Thursday.

Just picture this:  in the heart of Paris’ 6th arrondissement – so chic Madame! – was held the first-ever private sale in the young creator’s own apartment. Camille‘s clothes are just every girl’s dream: refreshingly simple in cut and style, precious and elegant in the fabrics and details ; add to that a twist of the Parisian charm and a hint of cheekiness – there you go, L’ATELIER de Camille is born, congratulations!

Needless to say, the night was a huge success and sales went quicker that you can say it. But enough said, I’m leaving you with a few pictures, they’ll speak better for themselves.