Clifton Nurseries

Hidden in the heart of Maida Vale, down a small cobblestone alley, the Clifton Nurseries are a true gem for flower and garden lovers. Boasting a very wide panel of plants and flowers, as well as garden furniture and landscape design services, this place  offers a haven of peace for weekend strollers. One of its glass verandas hosts a lovely little café – complete with lemon trees and many gorgeous plants – making it the perfect brunch spot, if you manage to get a table! Personally, each time I happen to be in the neighbourhood, I never miss the chance to visit the Nurseries. They are so full of charm, it’s a pleasure to stop by, even if only for five minutes.

Clifton Nurseries - Brunch

Clifton Nurseries - Geraniums

Clifton Nurseries - Flower arrangements & violets

Clifton Nurseries - Peonies

Clifton Nurseries - orchids & other plants

Clifton Nurseries - hydrangeas

Clifton Nurseries - lilac


Canalway Cavalcade – Maida Vale

Last week, Little Venice hosted its annual Canalway Cavalcade, England’s largest gathering of canal boats, which lasted over three days. Held at the junction of the Regent’s and Grand Union Canals in Maida Vale, the event was attended by hundreds of boats, some of which had travelled from all over the UK. They were all beautifully dressed by their proud owners with flowers, flags, ribbons and all sorts of lucky charms. Fortunately the sun was there too which made for a really great day out.

Canalway Cavalcade 1

Canalway Cavalcade 2&3

Canalway Cavalcade 4

Canalway Cavalcade 5&6

Canalway Cavalcade 7

Canalway Cavalcade 7+

Canalway Cavalcade 8&9

Canalway Cavalcade 11

Canalway Cavalcade 12

Canalway Cavalcade 13

Canalway Cavalcade 14&15

Canalway Cavalcade 16

Canalway Cavalcade 17

Brother & Sister

Recently I decided to concentrate on portrait and try to capture different kinds of special relationships. Family obviously is the most important one, and immediately my friend Anne-Laure and her brother Antoine sprung to my mind. They’re both very attractive – and what’s more – they look so much alike it was almost too easy. But the best thing of all was definitely their deep knowing of each other and the amazing complicity they have been building since childhood. To me, this was the greatest evidence of their bond, even more so than shared family features. And according to them, being photographed together was a lovely experience; they chatted, laughed, and simply enjoyed themselves, which took out any self-conscious feeling of facing the camera. This was a really wonderful photo session, and I look forward to doing more of these!

Anne-Laure & Antoine - laughing

Anne-Laure & Antoine - horsing around

Anne-Laure & Antoine

Anne-Laure Portrait 2

New Photography Website

Website photo

Dear All,

I am delighted to introduce my brand-new professional photography website: Astrid Templier Photography. You may also find it in the menu of this blog.

After several years of being passionate – if not obsessed – about photography, I have finally decided to silence any doubts and branch out on this new adventure to become a full time professional photographer.

Creating beautiful photographs, capturing the great moments, the people and all the wonderful things that make life worth living is what drives me. And this is what I am striving to achieve in every single photograph I take: trying to encapsulate the beauty of each instant and make it last forever.

The highlight of my new website is wedding photography. I have always loved to photograph weddings, as this special day really is always so unique for every couple. They are so happy and in love, they quite literally glow. I always feel very fortunate to witness and capture those one-of-a-kind moments. Another great way to get amazing couples pictures in a more relaxed environment is the “engagement” sessions. Before or after the wedding, they are usually set in a location that is meaningful to the couple and allow them to really enjoy the moment. Photographing people is one of my favourite things, so I guess it comes as no surprise that I also shoot all kinds of portraits: friends, family and maternity pictures, as well as corporate.

Despite being French, I am based in London and am always happy to travel in the UK and abroad for photography commissions. If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on +44 7500 598 213 or email me on I hope to hear from you soon!


With quite a lot of delay, I wanted to post a few pictures that I took during my Christmas break. Nothing too fancy, just two very relaxing weeks at my country house in France, doing almost nothing. Well, it was raining most of the time which sort of limits your options. But after a brave – and rare – walk outside I must say it felt really nice to just sit by the fireplace, have a cup of tea and some cake while watching a DVD… Definitely the laziest vacation I’ve ever had!


Candles & flowers

The Fireplace


Winter weather

Low wall covered with moss

Rain drops

Lawn and trees

Winter Wonderland

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to venture to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I had never been before and didn’t really know what to expect – and I can say I was truly impressed: the fair was of a much bigger scale than I thought. The carousels, Ferris wheels and roller coasters were everywhere. And so were the food stalls, candy and souvenir shops. The Swiss, Bavarian and German theme was very much represented as well, with chalets, songs and mulled wine at every corner. Obviously, there was the must-have ice-rink which was so successful I decided to pass on that occasion – until next time!

To be fair, the full-on Christmas vibe was a little bit over the top, but at the same time feeling like a child again was thoroughly enjoyable.

Carousel - Winter Wonderland

Carousel with swings - Winter Wonderland

Horse carousel - Winter Wonderland

Ferris Wheel - Winter Wonderland

Christmas treats and decorations - Winter Wonderland

Love-apples - Winter Wonderland

Carousel & Lighthouse - Winter Wonderland

Merry-go-round - Winter Wonderland

Lollipops - Winter Wonderland

Baby boy in his dad's arms - Winter Wonderland

Swiss chalet - Winter Wonderland

Mulled wine & Pine cone - Winter Wonderland

Family time - Winter Wonderland

Christmas candy - Winter Wonderland

Couple hugging - Winter Wonderland

Christams bauble - Winter Wonderland

Candy Stall - Winter Wonderland

Food Stall - Winter Wonderland

Big Wheel - Winter Wonderland

Honfleur in the summer

Last month I discovered Honfleur, a lovely little village hidden in Normandy, not far from Deauville and Trouville. Only two hours away from Paris, it was the perfect romantic get-away week-end, especially thanks to the charming hotel we found over there: the Auberge de la Source is a true gem, tucked at the end of a quiet and leafy path. The hydrangeas and the fishery pond only added to its spell.

Honfleur is especially famous for its colourful harbour, and indeed the sight didn’t disappoint. For a meal, you might want to stay away from the seaside restaurants – somewhat a bit too touristy – and explore Honfleur just a little further down its paved streets. There are a few good tables especially if you’re in the mood for some seashells.

Istanbul’s Bazaars & Markets

For this last chapter about my trip in Istanbul, I wanted to share images of the bazaars and markets: these are a truly amazing aspect of the city, one that Istanbul is famous for. Obviously the Grand Bazaar is definitely worth a visit. To be honest I was a bit worried that it would be over crowded with tourists and feel like a gigantic maze of soulless shops. But I was quickly proven wrong. Of course there are tourists looking for the perfect gift, souvenir and other memorabilia to bring back home, but on the one hand, who could blame them? One can find the most amazing leatherwork , silverware and treats. But also, the well-named Grand Bazaar really is very big, so if you want to venture further and get a true feel of Turkey’s most renowned trading place, then you can easily loose yourself in the myriad of paths, explore the nice hidden cafés and restaurants, admire the thousands of colourful lanterns, fabrics and hookahs. Now, who’s hungry for some Turkish delights?

The Lively Streets of Istanbul

Besides its incredible location by the sea, the life and animation of the streets are what impressed me the most in Istanbul. Of course there are world-renowned landmarks that you cannot miss, but in my sense, simply wandering through the streets and getting to know the many neighbourhoods of the city is a wonderful way to get a flavour of Istanbul.

The streets are filled with all these “little nothings”: a woman selling flowers, corn, or pretzels, the crowd of people walking up and down the streets carrying children and groceries, calling up one another, women chatting among themselves, cats and dogs knocked out by the heat and desperate for a hideout in the shadow, the fascinating echo of the five daily prayers – all these small pieces of life brought together form the most lively and colourful canvas you can imagine.

Brixton Market

Last week, I went to Brixton and discovered its increasingly famous market. It is quite fortunate that it is a covered one as the rain was constantly pouring!

The market itself is divided between several alleys, all punctuated with food stalls, small cafés and restaurants as well as vintage shops. One can find the most amazing exotic products, or have lunch at one of the Columbian, Jamaican or Mediterranean restaurants there. The market is also full of surprises; wigs, old discs, fashion treasures – all begging to be picked!

Here are some of the wonders I brought back with me.