Clifton Nurseries

Hidden in the heart of Maida Vale, down a small cobblestone alley, the Clifton Nurseries are a true gem for flower and garden lovers. Boasting a very wide panel of plants and flowers, as well as garden furniture and landscape design services, this place  offers a haven of peace for weekend strollers. One of its glass verandas hosts a lovely little café – complete with lemon trees and many gorgeous plants – making it the perfect brunch spot, if you manage to get a table! Personally, each time I happen to be in the neighbourhood, I never miss the chance to visit the Nurseries. They are so full of charm, it’s a pleasure to stop by, even if only for five minutes.

Clifton Nurseries - Brunch

Clifton Nurseries - Geraniums

Clifton Nurseries - Flower arrangements & violets

Clifton Nurseries - Peonies

Clifton Nurseries - orchids & other plants

Clifton Nurseries - hydrangeas

Clifton Nurseries - lilac



With quite a lot of delay, I wanted to post a few pictures that I took during my Christmas break. Nothing too fancy, just two very relaxing weeks at my country house in France, doing almost nothing. Well, it was raining most of the time which sort of limits your options. But after a brave – and rare – walk outside I must say it felt really nice to just sit by the fireplace, have a cup of tea and some cake while watching a DVD… Definitely the laziest vacation I’ve ever had!


Candles & flowers

The Fireplace


Winter weather

Low wall covered with moss

Rain drops

Lawn and trees

Columbia Flower Market

Last week on Columbia Road, the sun was shining so brightly, it was the perfect Sunday for a wander through the flower market… and a roast at the Royal Oak! While waiting for my friends, I managed to catch a few snaps through the window on the first floor. I really had a great view over the market there. There was so much to look at: sunflowers, daffodils, hydrangeas, roses, hyacinths, so many people too! My favourite: a little boy perched on top of his fathers’ shoulders (the last one of this post!)

Sweet Nature

Hyde Park