“Et Voilà” Anne-Laure

Last week, before going on holiday, I did a portrait session with my lovely friend Anne-Laure. She is the wonderful wedding-planner behind Et Voila Weddings, who amongst other things organised the French Wedding Show, that you might already have seen in this post. She needed a few images for her website and other promotional activities so we put this session together and came up with a few really nice shots. Here is a selection of my favourites.

1 Black Blouse

2 Arranging flowers

3 over the shoulder & blowing flower petals

4 Sitting on stool

5 Yellow & on the floor



Recently I decided to explore portraiture a bit more in depth, and here is the first outcome of a series of portraits to come very soon.

I did this portrait session with my lovely friend Amandine a couple of weeks ago. The idea was to keep things really simple, hence the choice of a white – and then black – top on jeans, natural make-up and beautiful sleek hair let down on the shoulders. What I like most about these pictures is how happy and serene Amandine looks. To be fair we did have a wonderful time taking them and this is probably a good reflection of our state of mind at that moment. Hope you like them too!

Amandine looking over shoulder/sitting on stool

Amandine white/black top


Brother & Sister

Recently I decided to concentrate on portrait and try to capture different kinds of special relationships. Family obviously is the most important one, and immediately my friend Anne-Laure and her brother Antoine sprung to my mind. They’re both very attractive – and what’s more – they look so much alike it was almost too easy. But the best thing of all was definitely their deep knowing of each other and the amazing complicity they have been building since childhood. To me, this was the greatest evidence of their bond, even more so than shared family features. And according to them, being photographed together was a lovely experience; they chatted, laughed, and simply enjoyed themselves, which took out any self-conscious feeling of facing the camera. This was a really wonderful photo session, and I look forward to doing more of these!

Anne-Laure & Antoine - laughing

Anne-Laure & Antoine - horsing around

Anne-Laure & Antoine

Anne-Laure Portrait 2

The Boys

Here is a recent portrait session I did with three fantastic guys, Tomas, David and Daniel. The three friends have know each other since childhood in Switzerland where they grew up. Many years on, they all live in East London and still share the same laughs and silly jokes. With these images, the underlying idea was to capture their amazing friendship – and have a good time!

Tomas, Daniel & David - the Boys

Tomas, Daniel & David - laugh out loud

Tomas, Daniel & David - Standing

Tomas, Daniel & David - close-up

Tomas, Daniel & David

New Photography Website

Website photo

Dear All,

I am delighted to introduce my brand-new professional photography website: Astrid Templier Photography. You may also find it in the menu of this blog.

After several years of being passionate – if not obsessed – about photography, I have finally decided to silence any doubts and branch out on this new adventure to become a full time professional photographer.

Creating beautiful photographs, capturing the great moments, the people and all the wonderful things that make life worth living is what drives me. And this is what I am striving to achieve in every single photograph I take: trying to encapsulate the beauty of each instant and make it last forever.

The highlight of my new website is wedding photography. I have always loved to photograph weddings, as this special day really is always so unique for every couple. They are so happy and in love, they quite literally glow. I always feel very fortunate to witness and capture those one-of-a-kind moments. Another great way to get amazing couples pictures in a more relaxed environment is the “engagement” sessions. Before or after the wedding, they are usually set in a location that is meaningful to the couple and allow them to really enjoy the moment. Photographing people is one of my favourite things, so I guess it comes as no surprise that I also shoot all kinds of portraits: friends, family and maternity pictures, as well as corporate.

Despite being French, I am based in London and am always happy to travel in the UK and abroad for photography commissions. If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on +44 7500 598 213 or email me on I hope to hear from you soon!

Fashion Cooking’s Anne-SO

The other day, my friend Anne-Sophie, the lovely cook behind the very successful Fashion Cooking blog, asked me if we could do a portrait session for her upcoming book. I naturally accepted and we had a really great time putting together a few moods. It was quite easy as cooking does provide a lot of props and accessories which are perfect for these kinds of shots. Anyway, here are some of my favourite pictures. I hope you find them to your taste!


I had been thinking of shooting a series of portraits for a long time when my lovely friend Sabrina accepted to model for me. We did this photo shoot last month in her Parisian apartment – which we completely turned upside down for most of the day – and had a real blast. Choosing the outfits, matching them with jewellery and playing with her hair and make-up was really fun. I must say that I was quite impressed by her confidence and “professionalism” – especially for someone who had never modelled before. Adjusting the lights and getting it all to work together was another challenge and sometimes quite tricky, especially when both studio and natural lights were involved. Did I mention that this was a very sunny day with thick patches of clouds passing by every now and then? But this was definitely a wonderful learning experience – and a really fun one too. I am really looking forward to my next photo shoot!

Laura in Chelsea