Just for fun

The Boys

Here is a recent portrait session I did with three fantastic guys, Tomas, David and Daniel. The three friends have know each other since childhood in Switzerland where they grew up. Many years on, they all live in East London and still share the same laughs and silly jokes. With these images, the underlying idea was to capture their amazing friendship – and have a good time!

Tomas, Daniel & David - the Boys

Tomas, Daniel & David - laugh out loud

Tomas, Daniel & David - Standing

Tomas, Daniel & David - close-up

Tomas, Daniel & David


Growing up in Paris

It almost feels a bit funny to post about growing up in Paris, being a « local product » from the city myself, born and bred there… I have so many memories from my early childhood in Paris.

My primary school of course, with its street façade very similar to any other school, very republican and all, its courtyard; the play dates with my friends at the Champ de Mars, the thousands of pigeons that we loved to scare off! I was truly crazy for dogs too, and I still am! My Grandpa had a lovely little Westie, so I just couldn’t resist when I walked past the one you’ll see below.

But mainly, I think that what mostly remains from this time is a carefree and happy feeling, this impression of peace, confidence in life in general… and endless games!


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