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Hoxton Flat

A few months back I photographed the apartment of my friends David & Florence in Hoxton. With a great ceiling height and the two front windows giving a lot of light, the place feels really bright and airy. The key colour theme of green lime against white gives it a very punchy edge, while the massive oak dining table and and the leather club sofa keep the atmosphere welcoming and warm. What also makes the apartment a fun and cool place are all the quirky details found and treasured by my friends, such as the yellow mushroom sculpture, the bull’s trophy head, or the turtle stool in the bedroom.

Dining table & leather sofa - Hoxton

Dining table with lilac - Hoxton

Green theme - - Hoxton

White Kitchen - Hoxton

Bull head - Hoxton

Bathroom & Bedroom - Hoxton

White bedroom - Hoxton

Details - Hoxton Flat


Shoreditch Muse



This is a series of pictures I took last summer in Shoreditch, East London. The idea was to explore the contrast of beautiful and sexy fashion, shot against a derelict, urban background.The outfits were provided by Ohran, whose shop is set on Hoxton’s Pitfield Street.

Blue gown in desolate ground

Lost/Lust in the city

Blurred and blue

Leaning against brick wall / Shoreditch field

Urban Venus

Moving icon

Green afternoon

Green dress in the city

Fashion credit: Orhan /