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Madeleines – An Afternoon with Proust

Catching up on my reading, I recently finished the French classic Du Côté de Chez Swann by Marcel Proust. In the first volume of the acclaimed series La Recherche, Proust reminisces a long forgotten childhood memory when tasting a madeleine dipped into a cup of tea. The unique flavours of the soft madeleine, almost dissolved after being dipped into the cup of tea, suddenly call back to mind the afternoons spent as a little boy at his aunt’s countryside house of Combray. It is incredible how the power of taste can awaken long gone moments that come rushing back in waves, as if time had had no effect at all. I must say I was quite fascinated by this famous episode of French literature, so much so that it gave me the idea to interpret it in pictures. Here are a few.

Madeleines with vanilla pods


Madeleines - with crumbs



Belgian Waffles with dark chocolate sauce

Belgian waffles are such a great treat for those feeling a bit naughty around tea time. Sprinkled with icing sugar and dipped into dark melted chocolate – it doesn’t get any better! And the best thing is, when you’re done devouring your golden – tender on the inside, crispy on the outside – waffles, then you still have the pans, spoons and whisk, all coated in chocolate, to “take care of”.





Blueberry Tart

Here’s another fruit tart that I really wanted to try, with blueberries and custard this time. How delicious does it look?

Blueberry tart 03

Blueberry tart 08

Blueberry tart 10

Blueberry tart 12

Photography: Astrid Templier –

Styling: Marta Wojtczak


This was a quick experiment with different backgrounds from earlier this month. For utter simplicity, I opted for a simple white glossy background. For more context and character I added in a wood element with the bread board, and I then tried a more elaborate set up with a knife and plate, and a pear cut in half. The pears were quite remarkable themselves in that they had beautiful rich colours, ranging from light greens and an array of yellows up to orange hues and deep reds. One only needed to gently rub their surface to give their lovely skin a glossy shine.

Pears on white background

Pears on wood board

Pears on plate, one cut in half

Roses & Macaroons


Those are a couple of shots taken last week in my studio. I thought the splashes of pink and bright tones against the dark background worked quite well.

More food photography to come very soon!

Macaroons & Roses


It’s actually been a while since I photographed those gorgeous cupcakes with Fashion Cooking‘s AnneSO who baked and styled them. By the time I arrived she had already prepared the cupcakes’ bases so I only witnessed the last – and more fun – part, the frosting. AnneSO had made two batches, one she dyed in pink, and another one she kept in the original creamy colour. This way, we would have three types of frosting: one in each colour plus a mixed one. And finally she decorated some of them with coloured sugar sprinkles. The only trouble is that they looked too perfect to be eaten…!

Cupcakes Preparation 1

Cupcakes Preparation 2

Cupcakes Preparation 3

Cupcakes Preparation 4

Cupcakes Preparation 5

Cupcakes Preparation 6

Cupcakes Preparation 7

Stylist: Anne-Sophie Rischard – Fashion Cooking

Photographer: Astrid Templier –

Lamb Tajine with green olives and lemons

This amazing lamb tajine was not only prepared and styled by AnneSO from Fashion Cooking, it is now also part of her first cookbook, “Mes Petites Recettes Pratiques et Coquettes”. This lovely book encompasses many of AnneSO’s recipes, including starters, mains and desserts as well as her secret tips and ingredients. It is published by the French Editions du Chêne and is available on Amazon. I highly recommend it!

Lamb Tajine with green olives and lemon 1

Lamb Tajine with green olives and lemon 2

Lamb Tajine with green olives and lemon 3

Stylist: Anne-Sophie Rischard – Fashion Cooking

Photographer: Astrid Templier –

Röstis with Salmon & Crème Fraîche

Here is another food post from my last session with AnneSO from Fashion Cooking. She had prepared those amazing röstis in individual platters and covered them with a layer of crème fraîche and a slice of salmon. A true delight, both for the palate and the eyes!

Röstis with salmon and creme fraiche

Röstis with salmon and creme fraiche - close up

Röstis with salmon and creme fraiche

Röstis with salmon and creme fraiche

Stylist: Anne-Sophie Rischard – Fashion Cooking

Photographer: Astrid Templier –

Meringue & Raspberries Sky-High Cake

This amazing sky-high cake was one of the highlights of my last photo session with the lovely AnneSO from Fashion Cooking. Made of three meringue discs layered one on top of each other and separated by a delicious cream, it is topped by plenty of raspberries and a raspberry coulis. This culinary marvel is probably one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen! Now, cake anyone…?

Meringue & raspberries cake 1

Meringue & berries cake 2

Meringue & berries cake 3&4

Meringue & berries cake 5

Meringue & berries cake 6

Stylist: Anne-Sophie Rischard – Fashion Cooking

Photographer: Astrid Templier –

Nut & basil chicken with rice

Here is a second dish from last week’s photo session with AnneSO: a very tasty version of a diced chicken with rice. For the recipe you will need to check out Fashion Cooking’s website, but I can say that it was very quick and easy to prepare! In two words, a perfect meal option if you’re running out of ideas to prepare chicken. Nut & basil chicken with rice 1

Chicken & rice 2 and 3

Nut & basil chicken with rice 4

Nut & basil chicken with rice 5

Stylist: Anne-Sophie Rischard – Fashion Cooking

Photographer: Astrid Templier –